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The Post Porn Modernist Show is the story of Annie Sprinkle's sexual evolution told, and explored, through a series of burlesque-like autobiographical multi-media vignettes. During the course of its performance run, between 1989 and 1996, Annie Sprinkle allowed the Post Porn Modernist Show to evolve to represent her personal, aesthetic and political evolution. The show with its structure consisting of independent, interrelated, scenarios allowed Sprinkle the flexibility to edit, revise and add new sections. Consequently it is important to note that there is no one definitive script for the Post Porn Modernist Show. The Illustrated script presented here is a compilation edited and compiled from three different versions under the supervision of the artist. (Examples of these scripts are available for reference in the "Script Versions" section)


Annie Sprinkle's Offical Homepage at Gates of Heck


The Robert J. Shiffler Foundation would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for the assistance and contributions to this website project. Annie Sprinkle for her cooperation, creative contributions and participation in the creation of this website. And Robert J. Shiffler for his support of the project.

Research and Cataloguing:
Emily Moore, the Foundation's intern from the Department of Art History at the University of Dayton, for her assistance in researching and editing the scripts, as well as assisting in the cataloguing of the Post Porn Modernist Show archive. The Foundation's Chief Preparator, Matt Distel and Assistant Preparator, Andrea Wohl for assisting in the cataloguing the Post Porn Modernist Show archive.

Photographic credits:
Video: Ronny Novick, Two Bat Productions, Malibu, CA. for providing Performance footage of the Post Porn Modernist Show at Highways, Los Angeles, CA. Photographer: Leslie Barbany for performance views of the show. Photographer: Tony Walsh for the documentation of the Post Porn Modernist Show archive. Photographer: J. M. Guyaux for the portrait of Annie collaged on the website's opening page. Katherine Gates, The Gates of Heck Publishing, for providing digital images and research material.

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The Post Porn Modernist Show website project was designed by Randall Wright, Wright Designs. The Post Porn Modernist Show website is part of an ongoing series of projects documenting the holdings of the Robert J. Shiffler Archive. Archive projects are coordinated by Peter Huttinger, archivist for the Robert J. Shiffler Foundation. These projects draw from the archive holdings of over 3500 items including artists' books, performance and conceptual documents, editions, exhibition catalogues, and artists' monographs.

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