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You are invited to experience my playful world of sexual exploration at my new streaming website, Enjoy these film classics.




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20 minutes. Annie’s intention: “I feel that it is my spiritual duty to birth as much pleasure and ecstasy and orgasm into the world as I possibly can.” In this short film Annie gives you the opportunity to witness her combination of masturbation and meditation



Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm

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57 minutes. One sexologist said this is the most stunning collection of orgasm wisdom ever created. Annie Sprinkle, ever the sex researcher, reflects upon the incredibly diverse aspects of the orgasm experience.



Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn

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70 minutes. This documentary is a brilliant and humorous look at some of the worst and best of video clips from some of the 150+ adult films that Annie has made from 1973 to the present.




Linda/Les and Annie–The First Female To Male Transsexual Love Story

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31 minutes. A uniquely funny and at times disturbing docu-drama about Annie Sprinkle’s love relationship with transsexual Les Nichols as he transitions from female to male. We follow Les through hormone treatments and eventual surgery. The ending has Annie Sprinkle trying out his newly constructed penis.



Zen Pussy

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12 minutes. Every vulva is an entire erotic universe waiting to be explored. This unique meditation from Annie and Joseph Kramer artfully presents extreme genital close-ups of eleven of their erotically-gifted friends.



Fire in the Valley—Female Genital Massage

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61 minutes. In this popular sex education film from Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle, you will learn thirty pleasurable genital massage strokes that you can use on your lover and/or on yourself. Annie’s promise: “With this massage, you can satisfy a woman to her core … every time!”



Annie Sprinkle’s Post Porn Modernist

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16 minutes. Enjoy some highlights from Annie Sprinkle’s seminal theatre piece which she did in over twenty countries from 1989 through 1994. The show deconstructed and explored her careers as a sex worker, porn star, erotic educator, sexual healer, pro domme and artist.






Streaming Video Selections from and

As a faculty member at these schools, I recommend all of the classes listed below. Some of my favorite teachers in the world are Joseph Kramer, Chester Mainard, Jwala, and Kenneth Ray Stubbs. There is no better place to educate your hands and heart. As you expand your touch skills, join me in proclaiming: “Let there be pleasure on earth, and let it begin with me.”

Click on each class below to get more information or to enroll.

–Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.


Basic Tuition

Tuition is $29 for both websites together – 50+ hours of erotic education and sensuous lovemaking skills from the world’s best teachers.

(prices subject to change without notice)

Click on each class below to enroll or to get more information. You can watch the class online or download-to-own in Windows Media, Flash, and Quicktime.





Solo Rope Bondage

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Orgasmic Yoga involving Japanese-style inspired rope bondage and other styles of rope play can be both fun and erotic. If you are not experienced with rope, we recommend not playing with rope by yourself. Some warnings: Never use a gag in your solo sessions. Never tie yourself to something immovable and never combine solo rope bondage with alcohol.





Poetry in Practice

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Poet Letta Neely begins slow and easy, caressing her whole body. “Learn your body,” she says in her soundtrack poem. As her session evolves, she focuses more on arousal and excitement. Her message to us all as we masturbate, “Liberate yourself.”






Embodied Porn Watching

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The foundational practice of Porn Yoga is quite simple: Stand up and move while you watch. This shift from almost motionless sex to moving during masturbation allows you to enjoy your arousal, break old habits and explore new ways of being sexual.






Palm Springs Tantric Yoga

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Loren invites you to practice along with him during this Tantric Yoga class in Palm Springs. The practices you will learn promote sexual freedom and vibrant health. Loren is a Taosit teacher in Mantak Chia tradition, weaving together sexuality and spirituality.





Sexual Kung Fu

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A Chinese form of Orgasmic Yoga, Sexual Kung Fu is the skillful practice of sex. Kung means practice and Fu is skill. Practice consists of cultivating high levels of energy through the systematic process of arousal. Tools of breathing and mindfulness are then utilized to circulate that energy throughout the body and brain.





Female Genital Massage

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Annie Sprinkle promises that with this massage video, you can satisfy a woman to her core … every time! In Fire in the Valley, you will learn from three erotically-gifted women as they receive thirty different erotic massage strokes on their erectile tissues – including the clitoris, labia, g-spot and vagina.





Male Genital Massage

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This is the ultimate hand job lesson, providing live-action instruction on how to pleasure a man’s penis. Learn the joys of giving and receiving thirty genital massage strokes that often produce a transformative full-bodied orgasm. Includes instruction on the Big Draw, a pleasurable alternative to ejaculation.






Uranus: Self Anal Massage

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Anal pleasure and health are important frontiers to be explored by all men. Watch and learn self rosebud massage, enlightened prostate massage, and simultaneous anal and genital stimulation. Discover the best positions, toys and dildos to maximize your relaxation and pleasure.






Divine Nectar: Exploring Female Ejaculation

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Learn from six erotically-gifted women who share with us their personal stories and explicit demonstrations of female ejaculation. Most women have the capacity for the ejaculation experience. With this visionary class you can awaken that capacity.





Healing Sex

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Somatic teacher Staci Haines, author of Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach and the best-selling, Politics of Trauma, offers this video training in Healing Sexual Abuse. The teaching is not just for survivors of sexual abuse. Psychotherapists, sex coaches, tantra teachers, and somatic practitioners of all sorts and their clients will benefit from these body-based practices for healing.




Soft Cock Erotic Massage: Sensuous Lessons for the Orgasmic Man

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Why have so few men experienced the wonders of soft cock erotic massage? Skilled erotic bodyworkers offer you a master class in giving and receiving more than twenty ways to touch a soft penis. Take your man into orgasmic bliss with easy to learn erotic massage skills.




Oral Sex for Couples, Fabulous Fellatio

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One of the world’s best sex educators, Jaiya, offers the ultimate in blow job lessons. Fellate your lover and bring yourself full body pleasure using simple and intimate techniques. Invaluable for new couples seeking more sensual lovemaking and for older couples looking to spark their sex life.





Oral Sex for Couples, Connected Cunnilingus

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Jaiya takes you on a journey beyond mundane oral sex into delightful choreographies that integrate the mouth and hands. The author of Blow Each Other Away is the leading sexologist teaching couples the art of cunnilingus.






The Best of Vulva Massage

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Bringing the best of sixteen different erotic massage videos, this anthology offers the full spectrum of vulva touch: lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, ritual healing, genital therapy, sex coaching, female ejaculation and good old-fashioned pleasuring with Betty Dodson, Jaiya, Annie Sprinkle and more.





The Best of Penis Massage

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Learn how to massage the penis from playful, creative men and women liberated from sexual habit. Includes: lovemaking with a partner, masturbation, erotic initiation, sex coaching, exploring altered states, and good old-fashioned pleasuring.






Anal Massage on a Woman

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Explore the pleasures of anal eroticism. Learn the art of giving an external anal massage, of penetrating gracefully and of totaling eliminating anal pain. These anal massage lessons instruct you in giving a woman simultaneous genital and anal stimulation.






Anal Massage on a Man

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Explore the pleasures of anal eroticism, including how to contact the prostate: the male G spot. Learn the art of giving an external anal massage, penetrating gracefully, and replacing negative feelings and attitudes toward the anus and rectum with positive ones. These pleasures are not just for gay men.





Genital Massage for Men

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Three erotically-gifted women caress their male lovers deep into non-ordinary erotic states and create new pleasure patterns in their bodies. The masseuses demonstrate twenty ways to touch the male genitals. Jaiya shows us how to delay ejaculation and prolong pleasure.





femme à femme – Erotic Massage

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Five sensuous women teach us a Swedish, Esalen and Tantric style massage for the female body. The strokes you will learn are gentle, flowing, and nurturing. This massage approaches the whole body as an erogenous zone. This massage feels great on both female and male bodies.





Lovers getting started with Erotic Massage

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Destin and Anastasia offer you a class in how they brought erotic massage into their relationship. They share with you the happy challenges that arise through this practice. Destin and Anastasia demonstrate their favorite cock and vulva massage strokes.






Sexological Bodywork- Sessions

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Certified Sexological Bodyworkers are professional somatic sex educators who teach through body-based exercises and experiences. Sexological Bodywork sessions can have a variety of intentions and expressions. In the videos here, you will see sessions where the goal is sustained sexual arousal involving movement and conscious breathing. Another demonstrates working with gender non-conforming bodies. In all of these sessions, you will see how constant communication is extremely important.





Mapping-Placement of Attention

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Anal and Vaginal Mapping are contemplative touch practices that bring awareness and sensation to the tissues of the anus and vagina. This practice helps us to train our placement of attention. Mapping involves applying finger pressure in a focused, structured way to specific points on the body. Every move of the mapper’s finger is guided by the receiver. How long a point is held and with how much pressure is decided by the receiver in each moment.






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