Site Credits

Dear Surfer,

This is my official web site. I produced and created it to share some of the Annie Sprinkle Experience.

Site concepts and preliminary design were by the great artist, designer and mother, Katharine Gates. Thank you, Katharine Gates, for creating and hosting a web site for me for many years at was my first ever web site and it was extremely helpful to me. Check out Katharine’s sites at and

Site redesign and construction since 2002 has been by Daniel Wasko. Thanks, Daniel Wasko, for keeping this web site up and running. He si also currently my webmaster. He is a joy to work with. Hire him for to work on your site at

My webmaster from 2006-2010, whom I worship and adore is Randal Alan Smith, the same artiste who took the photos of me as Dr. Sprinkle. Randal updated the entire site to XHTML/CSS in 2010, while keeping true to Daniel’s visual design.

I would like to thank all the people who are letting me use their photographs, words and ideas on this site. Some preliminary planning was with the brilliant assistance of Julia Page. Thanks Julia. Special thanks to my girlfriend, Beth Stephens, for being a world class, fabulous girlfriend, and for lubricating me through this process.

To all of you who are looking at my web site, thank you so much. You all come back now, ya hear?

Tumescently yours,
Annie Sprinkle.

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