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Most Important Links

  • Love Art Laboratory — My other website with my collaborator, Elizabeth Stephens, which is the virtual home of my current project, 7 Years of Love as Art. Click on the red bride.
  • Annie Sprinkle, Post-Porn Modernist — Devoted to my classic stage performance. This is actually an archived snapshot of a site originally created by one of my collectors. A marvelous resource and lovely design. I'm currently retrofitting some of the outdated links, but enjoy this site for a limited time in it's original form.
  • Torch Gallery — Based in Amsterdam and representing my art for many years.
  • AEROPLASTICS Contemporary — Annie's gallery in Brussels : " AEROPLASTICS contemporary, through it's eclectic choices shows a variety of original styles of creation on the contemporary art scene in Northern Europe."
  • Voices From the Edge — My favorite interview I ever did was part of this out-of-print book, and is now online here. It is also available in the Bios section of this site.
  • — This is one of my friends, and really great information.

Friends of Annie

  • Elizabeth Stephens — This the wonderful website of my girlfriend, Beth, who is a terrific artist. Check out her her web-based work particularly, and the Bronze Porn Star Panties series.
  • Linda Montano — My favorite artist and my mentor.
  • Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls — Veronica Vera is brilliant and I adore her.
  • Betty Dodson — masturbation advocate, erotic artist and author of Sex For One.
  • Candida Royalle's Femme Productions — erotic films for couples, ergonomic vibrators, and sex worker wisdom.
  • Carol Queen — writer, performer, bi-activist, orgy hostess, and super-sexy sexologist.
  • Scarlot Harlot — great site about prostitution.
  • Petra Joy — Porn from a female perspective.
  • Nina Hartley's homepage — the world's most beloved porn star.
  • Susie Bright — Sexpert extraordinaire, author of visionary sex books.
  • Fuck For Forest — Erotic Environmental group. Love and sexuality to collect money for threatened nature.
  • Joseph Kramer's Erotic Massage — friend and "husband", creator of erotic touch videos, sex educator, and founder of the Body Electric School of massage.
  • Joseph Kramer's Sexological Bodywork site — Joe pioneers the cutting edge of the new sexual healing modalities, trainings, and instructional DVDs.
  • Barbara Carellas and Kate Bornstein — Innovative sex educators, performance artists, gender pioneers, and authors.
  • Erotic Red — Sexy, Natural & Fun Menstration Porn
  • Vanessa del Rio's Homepage — the one and only Goddess of Lust herself!
  • Frank Moore's EroPlay pages. He's featured in my book, Post-Porn Modernist.
  • Kellie Everts — The stripper for God (see Annie's Post-Modern Pin-Ups: Pleasure Activist Playing cards) has her own Web Page
  • Fakir Musafar's Body Play Page — All the young kids are copying this man, the true inventor and creator of body play who's explored farther and with more spiritual enlightenment than any of the others.
  • Cleo DuBois' — SM Homepage.
  • Ducky DooLittle — the original crackpot sexologist has a Ducky-cam, weekly broadcasts and more.
  • MONK Magazine — The Monks are old firends of mine, plus they have a classic interview with me HERE
  • Xaviera Hollander — the fabulous Happy Hooker herself. One of my great role models.
  • Lydia Lunch — Lydia Lunch is an absolute sex bomb and brilliant writer/artist/rock star,
    etc. I photographed her three times in my studio, and the pics of her are some of my best.
  • Maggie Tapert — Maggie is a beautiful sex teacher, and i recommend her workshops ever so highly.
    She's a gal after my own heart, with a style of her own.
  • Julian Cash — I am a huge fan of his photographs, some of which are of me.
  • Glama-rama! Hair Salon — the best place in the USA glamorous hair and they have a great art gallery. Dina Davenport does my hair and she is a brilliant artist. For your appointment call: 415.861.GLAM
  • Sheila Malone — A wonderful multi-media artist and my collaborator on my new video.
  • Isa Magdelena — I highly recommend her incredible erotic and healing massage work.
  • Dr. Patti Britton — clinical sexologist at and author of The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice.
  • Penny Slinger — author of the best seller, Sexual Secrets, and Artist. Check out her "biosphere"
  • Überslüt — cool alternative porn site.

Online Stores

  • Versatile Fashions — I highly recommend the magnificent corsets created by my friend Ms. Antionette. I've gotten enormous pleasure from her clothing for years.
  • A Woman's Touch — A Madison, Wisconsin sex-positive store and site "celebrating romance and sensuality from a woman's perspective"
  • Good Vibrations — a fantastic place to buy vibrators or any other hot sexy material. I love to teach and present there regularly.
  • Blowfish — cool sex products for people who have sex
  • Grand Opening — a sex-positive store in Massachusetts and Hollywood with online ordering and special events.
  • — You can buy speculums in all shapes, materials and sizes here for your own cervix exam.
  • Piedmont Boutique — My favorite clothing store where most of my outfits are bought or made. The site is currently down, but just look for the giant legs on Haight Street in SF.
  • Toys in Babeland — Feminist sex toy store selling toys for a passionate world.
  • The Lawless Spirit Corporation — Hollistic and sexual resources for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Sex Toy Tales — Author Anne Semans' website. She's wonderful.
  • — Insightful articles, tools & toys for satisfying sexual relationships from Dr. Gary Schubach, sex educator and authority in the area of the Grafenberg spot and female ejaculation.

Online Zines

  • On Our Backs Magazine — the best of lesbian sex. Compiled by fabulous editor Tristan Taormino and her staff, this is made by women for women with the goal of "less fluff and more muff".
  • Monk Magazine — look for their new CD Rom with plenty of Annie action coming soon.
  • Bright Lights Film Journal — has an interview with Annie


  • Annie's "How to Have Energy Orgasms" can be seen at the Sacred Sexuality Articles Page.
  • Freedoms Tantra Sacred Sexuality — Tantra Sacred Loving workshops and coaching for love, sexuality, passion, romance, intimacy and spiritual growth.
  • — A worldwide forum relating to Tantric and esoteric sexuality, including products in the "e-sensuals" online catalog.
  • Intimate Wisdom — Gayle Michael's lovely site for your pleasure.

Information and Politics

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