Sidewalk Sex Clinic

A Public Service & Interventionist Art Event

Come by and ask a group of sex experts any questions about sex.

We set up tables and chairs, and assemble four to six sex experts, to dispense free sex advice to anyone that wants it. The Clinic can be created in any sort of busy public space; inside or on the street. We bring signage and lab coats.

Technical Requirements

  • We need 4 or 5 sex educators of all sorts.
  • 5 conference tables.
  • Three or four chairs per table. (One or two sex educators at each table, one chair per educator, and two chairs at each table for people to sit in to ask questions.)
  • The Sidewalk Sex Clinic SIGN Annie will bring. It needs to be hung up above the tables so everyone can see it. Between two posts, or a between to ladders, or hang it on a fence behind. The sign has some string to tie it up.
Contact Annie about booking a presentation.
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