My Life and Work As A Feminist Porn Activist, Ecosexual and Radical Sex Educator

A Show & Tell Visiting Artist Lecture Presentation & Discussion

Prostitute/porn star turned sexologist/artist, Annie Sprinkle is coming! She has devoted the 35 years to researching and exploring sexuality, from the sacred to the profane, documenting and sharing her experiences through explicit films, photography, and sex workshops. For the two decades she has toured her controversial theater shows internationally to great acclaim. Currently her work is about love, relationships, breast cancer, aging and the place where ecology and sexology intersect, which she calls Sexecology. Today she is an out “ecosexual.” Annie will share her work, do mini-performances, and stimulate discussion with the audience.

For more go to Love Art Lab .

Technical Requirements

  • This presentation can be done in a theater space, or lecture hall.
  • VHS video projector. (NTSC) Yes, I use videotapes because I can’t get quality copies to DVD.
  • Need one technician to run the equipment. If lights and the video deck are in different spots, we’ll need one or two more people to assist.
  • Projection screen (not too small!)
  • CD player with speakers for music.
  • DVD player
  • If the sound of the microphone and sound of the videos goes into same speakers, then a sound mixing board is needed to run sound from video along with microphone sound at the same time and to be able to vary the volume levels.
  • The best lighting situation possible. A spotlight is great if you can get it.
  • One large conference table, or two smaller ones, to display my wares.
  • A handheld microphone with a cord long enough to cover the stage area. A back up mic is always good if there is a problem.
  • Data projector, for use with my MacBook Pro computer, with the right cables for projecting it, and sound cable to hear the computer audio. A remote is nice if possible.
  • Set Up Requirements: It is a good idea to have two hours of set up time before people enter the presentation hall. So two and a half hours before the talk if door opens a half hour before the talk.


I like to give a minimum of two handouts to each student.

Contact Annie about booking a presentation.

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