cuddlebig nudesbig nudesbig nudesbig nudesbig nudescuddlecuddlecuddlecuddlecuddlecuddlecuddlecuddlecuddleA double bed was installed in the middle of the Femina Potens Gallery as part of the exhibition I Do. It was covered with a red “security blanket.” Once a week, during the exhibition we would put on cuddle outfits and spend several hours cuddling gallery visitors who had made advance appointments.

This piece has subsequently been performed at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, California, the Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco, and the Vortex Theater in Austin, Texas. At each of these venues we invited the participants to take off thier shoes and socks and cuddle between us for seven minutes.

Sometimes the person wanted to talk or spoon or play footsies. Sometimes the person simply wanted to be held in silence. Once we did Cuddle at a sexy fundraising event, and Cuddle proved to be the most popular of the evening’s entertainment choices, surpassing the lap dances, spanking booths and peep shows.

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