Big Nudes Descending A Staircase

big nudes big nudes big nudes big nudes big nudes big nudes When we first entered the exhibition space, Transpalete, in Bourges, France, we fell in love with the most beautiful spiral staircase running up the center of the building. Within minutes we stripped naked, filmed each other, and ourselves while descending the staircase. We also recorded the sound of our dainty footsteps echoing throughout the building. The final product was projected on two big white perpendicular walls across from the staircase.

As we had not appeared nude in public since gaining some extra pounds, it would take some courage to show our new bigger bodies. We were in the Yellow Year, the Year of Courage, and Year of the Belly. So there was no doubt that we had to do it. Sometimes we love our big bellies, sometimes we don’t. But when we do performance art, we always love our bellies exactly as they are.

We also made a large print on canvas from a still of the performance/video, and wrote on it “We Made Love With Marcel Duchamp.” (Edition of 3) We later presented the Big Nudes Decending A Staircase on a 43″ wide screen TV, which at our Femina Potens exhibit, was the piece de resistance.

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