The Love Handle


Sacred Sex Tool & Art Object

Limited edition of 50, each dildo carved with a number.

For many many years I traveled the world in search of the perfect dildo. Having tried them all and not finding it, I decided to create it myself. I wanted it to be a work of art as well. I wanted to make the best. Viola! The LOVE HANDLE! – Annie

  • The innovative diamond shape fills your pussy in a very satisfying way.
  • You can squeeze your pubic muscle on it and it won’t slip out.
  • The coolness of the marble stimulates nerve endings in the roots of the clitoris.
  • Can be used to exercise vaginal muscles for improved health and vitality.
  • A “Handle” makes this masterpiece easy to maneuver, alone or with a lover.
  • Works as a G Spot-Stimulator.
  • When fully inserted, the curve stimulates the clitoris.
  • Has a natural, earthy look. Made of beautiful black marble.
  • Doubles as a butt plug.
  • Makes a lovely sculpture which can be displayed on your altar, shelf or coffee table.
  • Designed by Annie Sprinkle and Taoist monk Michael Biello, and co-produced with Sensual Signatures.
  • Each Love Handle is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Sprinkle.


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