Spectacular Sex Workshop

Make Over Your Sex Life

Has your sex life become too much effort, too predictable, and too goal-driven? Then join Dr. Annie Sprinkle, one of the most prominent personalities in the world of sex, as she helps you chart a path towards a more magnificent sex life.
In this enlightening, supportive, and spectacularly fun “make over” program, Annie will help you take charge of your sex life and gain the confidence to explore ways for using your sexuality to create more love in your life.

You will learn:

  • what “spectacular sex” really is.
  • to create a custom-made sex-pot profile and a fabulous alter ego to help you become the sex pot you want to be.
  • to utilize your sexuality to create more love in your life.
  • tips how to make sex more meaningful and delightful.

Whether you are a sexual amateur or a veteran looking for variety, Dr. Annie Sprinkle will help you create a sexual makeover as dramatic or as subtle as you wish.

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