Metamorphosex – The Art Of Love

Dear Theater Presenter,

Would you like to try presenting something completely different? Then this “show” is for you. It’s a women’s sexuality workshop that culminates in three sex magic ritual performances starring the workshop facilitators and participants. It’s an incredibly powerful and moving experience for the audience and everyone involved. We can show you video documentation of a previous Metamorphosex event. Book Metamorphosex if you dare! We’d love to do it with you! Blessed be, Annie.


When I performed my show, Post Porn Modernist, for five years around the world, the show always climaxed with a sex magic masturbation ritual I called “The Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute’. I learned and experienced more from doing that piece than anything else I have ever done in my life, and many people told me they were inspired or touched by it. (For details see my book, Post Porn Modernist).

I wished that everyone could have the intense experience of going into ecstasy on stage in a theatrical setting. So, I invited six friends to do the Legend of the Sacred Prostitute masturbation ritual along with me in a show at the elegant Cowell Theater in San Francisco. A year later, I did it with 16 friends, also at the Cowell. We incorporated the erotic massage techniques Joseph Kramer and I had developed, and the Big Draw (a Taoist technique which creates an energetic climax). The ritual was only about twenty minutes long. With more women involved, it felt way too short. I wanted to explore the concepts more, go deeper into the experience, and make it a more of a theater piece. But how?

The Metamorphosex concept was born in a eureka type moment with Barbara Carrellas and Linda Montano, my dear friends with whom I had taught Sacred Sexuality workshops and performed with for years. MetamorphoSex became a workshop, sex magic ritual and theater performance rolled into one. It premiered at the Vortex Repertory Theater in Austin, Texas in December, 1995 At Linda’s suggestion, we have now added the subtitle The Art of Love. Eventually we hope to tour it around the USA and Europe, perhaps with a core group traveling around in a caravan of mobile homes. Presently we are doing it with women participants only. In the future, there might be a second week for men (with male facilitators). And a third week for all genders together.

First, we put out a flyer inviting women to participate. We then follow the basic structure presented here. However as the cultural and personal needs of the three of us change, and as our collaborators change, the format and structure of The Art of Love changes. Love is our goal, unconditional love for our temple-bodies and tolorence and compassion for all beings. We may even do Art of Love workshops/performances in the future that don’t look like “sex” at all.

Sample Flyer

Metamorphosex—The Art Of Love — A Sacred Sex Workshop & Three Ritual Performances

Our sexuality is not only something that can be used for the enhancement of an intimate relationship, for physical pleasure or procreation; it can also be used for personal transformation, physical and emotional healing, self-realization, spiritual growth, and as a way to learn about all of life… and death. An honest, focused, sexually knowledgeable and supportive group of women is a divine and extremely powerful force that can not only inspire each woman in that group, but has the potential to contribute to the well-being of all life on earth.

Annie Sprinkle.

If you…

  • Want to meet and work with wonderful women
  • Like to play and to express yourself
  • Want to transform some personal life-issue
  • Want to learn and practice various healing “Sexcercises” and “Sacred Sex Technologies”
  • Want to experience the invigoration of performing live
  • Have a desire to see our society mature sexually
  • Would like to encourage a fresh, new feminist view of sexuality
  • Want to learn more about “sex magic” as a way to gain access to powerful energy to fuel your wishes and dreams to they come true.
  • Want to be an “erotic pioneer” and “pleasure activist”

… Then come along with us on our sensual magical mystery tour.

No talents or skills are required. Just be yourself.

Each MetamorphoSex event is unique, tailored to satisfy the individual needs and desires of the women who participate.

Twenty-four women of all ages, races, shapes, sexual preferences, in various phases of their sexual evolution will gather for several evenings to connect, learn, prepare and create in a workshop format. We will then perform three sex-magic ritual happenings in which a theater audience will be invited to share; to inspire us, co-create with us, and bear witness to our magnificence. (Although this event will likely have some nudity, nudity is not required.)

Your Sensual Magical Mystery Tour Guides

will be Annie Sprinkle and Barbara Carrellas. With Linda M. Montano may possibly join as our “Special Spiritual Consultant”.


Noon to 5:00. Workshop begins.
Mon, Tues. Wed.
6:00 to 10:00 Workshop/preparation.
5:00 to 10:00 Technical prep in theater.
6:00 Preparation.
8:00 Ritual 1 (Audience—All genders)
6:00 Preparation. 8:00 Ritual 2
6:00 Preparation.
8:00 Ritual 3 (Audience—Women only)
9:45-10:30 Closing ceremony.


$150. to $350. Sliding scale. (Some scholarships and trades available.) Space limited to 24 women. $75. Reserves your place.


Theater (name here) For info call: (Phone # here)

Only persons 18 years or older are permitted to attend the event.

Contact Annie about booking this show.

There is more information about Metamorphosex in the book Hardcore from the Heartavailable in the Sprinkle Shop.

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