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What People Are Saying About Annie Sprinkle and Her Work

  Fasten your seat belts: You're in for a bumpy ride through the mine fields of your own sexual prejudices. Sprinkle's fearless, joyful acceptance of sexuality in all it's forms runs headlong into some of our most profound anxieties. - SF Weekly This pornstar turned slut professor might just be on to something. - Playgirl Magazine In this age of repression, Annie Sprinkle offers hope for the future. - The Paper I was shocked. - John Waters Sprinkle is a sort of groovy Aphrodite. - SF Bay Guardian Herstory of Porn is a fascinating testament to the sexual imagination. - The Village Voice Annie Sprinkle gives new meaning to the term 'revolutionary ardor'. - The Village Voice One of the top 25 wicked women in history - Camille Paglia honest, challenging, and intensely provocative. Her company is exhilarating and healing. - Elle Magazine (sic; Sprinkle's show) is a sewer of fetishism, depravity, and pornography. - US Rep. Dana R. Rohrabacher Annie Sprinkle, America is better for your efforts. - Frank Zappa Sexuality's spiritual leader - The Globe and Mail (Canada's #1 national newspaper) Miss Sprinkle is simply delightful. - Tiny Tim Annie Sprinkle, front line Agent of Aphrodite Is my hero. - Diane Darling, Green Egg (The world's largest pagan magazine) Who says porn queens can't be cosmically correct? - LA Weekly Forget the Kama Sutra—Annie Sprinkle could probably teach the human race more about sex, gender and love!” - LA Weekly Sprinkle's overall effect is surpisingly sweet and refresingly mature. - San Francisco Bay Guardian Sprinkle is the modern day love child of Genet and Duchamp - American Theater Magazine
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