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I was born Ellen Steinberg but I didn't like "Ellen", so I decided to recreate myself as Annie Sprinkle.
Annie Sprinkle  Ellen is excruciatingly shy. Annie Sprrinkle  Annie is an exhibitionist.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen is fat and ugly, and nobody seems to want her.   Annie Sprrinkle  Annie is voluptuous and sexy, and lots of people want her.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen desperately needs more attention.   Annie Sprrinkle  Annie Sprinkle gets it.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen wears orthopedic shoes and flannel nightgowns.   Annie Sprrinkle  Annie wears six-inch spiked heels and sexy lingerie.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen is afraid of men and sex.   Annie Sprrinkle  Annie is fearless.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen is a nobody.   Annie Sprrinkle  Annie Sprinkle gets asked for autographs.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen is boring.   Annie Sprrinkle  Annie is exciting.  
Annie Sprrinkle  Ellen wants to get married and have children. Annie Sprrinkle  Annie wants fame, fortune, and a career.
  After all these years, as hard as it is for me to believe, I've realized that Ellen Steinberg really must be Annie Sprinkle. And the truth is, Annie Sprinkle still is very much Ellen Steinberg.    


At a certain point, with the AIDS crisis and growing older, I felt like a new personae had emerged. I call her Anya.
Annie Sprrinkle 


Annie Sprrinkle 


Annie Sprinkle loves everybody. Anya loves herself.
Annie Sprinkle seeks attention. Anya seeks awareness.
Annie Sprinkle is a feminist. Anya is a Goddess.
Annie Sprinkle wants a career, fame, and fortune. Anya wants peace, love, and freedom.
Annie Sprinkle enjoys an animal attraction. Anya wants a spiritual connection.
Annie Sprinkle loves men. Anya loves men...and absolutely adores women.
Annie Sprinkle is a modern woman. Anya is ancient.
Annie Sprinkle likes sex with transsexuals, midgets, and amputees. Anya makes love to the sky, mud, and trees.
Annie Sprinkle masturbates. Anya meditates...while she masturbates, of course.   
Anya exists today because Annie Sprinkle was yesterday.
    Originally published in Annie Sprinkle: Post-Porn Modernist
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