Forty Reasons Why Whores Are My Heroes

  1. Whores have good senses of humor.
  2. Whores challenge sexual mores.
  3. Whores are playful.
  4. Whores are tough.
  5. Whores have careers based on giving pleasure.
  6. Whores are creative.
  7. Whores are adventurous and dare to live dangerously.
  8. Whores teach people how to be better lovers.
  9. Whores are multi-cultured and multi-gendered.
  10. Whores give excellent advice and help people with their personal problems.
  11. Whores have fun.
  12. Whores wear exciting clothes.
  13. Whores have patience and tolerance for people that other people could never manage to put up with.
  14. Whores make lonely people less lonely.
  15. Whores are independent.
  16. Whores teach people how to have safer sex.
  17. Whores are a tradition.
  18. Whores are hot and hip.
  19. Whores are free spirits.
  20. Whores relieve millions of people of unwanted stress and tension.
  21. Whores heal.
  22. Whores endure in the face of fierce prejudice.
  23. Whores make good money.
  24. Whores always have a job.
  25. Whores are sexy and erotic.
  26. Whores have special talents other people just don’t have. Not everyone has what it takes to be a whore.
  27. Whores are interesting people with lots of exciting life stories.
  28. Whores get laid a lot.
  29. Whores help people explore their sexual desires.
  30. Whores explore their own sexual desires.
  31. Whores are not afraid of sex.
  32. Whores hustle.
  33. Whores sparkle.
  34. Whores are entertaining.
  35. Whores have the guts to wear very big wigs.
  36. Whores are not ashamed to be naked.
  37. Whores help the handicapped.
  38. Whores make their own hours.
  39. Whores are rebelling against the absurd, patriarchal, sex-negative laws against their profession and are fighting for the legal right to receive financial compensation for their valuable work.

Do you have what it takes to be a whore?


For a beautiful poster of this, designed and illustrated by Norma Jean Almodovar, (the cop that became a call girl),download this PDF file. Feel free to print and distribute this poster everywhere. Help fight whore stigma and prejudice.

Download PDF (44KB)Whores have the ability to share their most private and sensitive body parts with total strangers.

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