Click here to download the most current, extensive and professional version of Annie’s C.V., or read some of her career highlights below.

(Selected) Films

Click here to view my IMDB (International Movie Data Base) page with some of my old porn films, post-modern sex films,  videos, documentaries, B-movies and God knows what else.

Videos/DVD’s (available on this site)

Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World Of Orgasm
Directed by Annie Sprinkle and Sheila Malone. Featuring interviews with 25 orgasm experts. Now playing at film festivals.
Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory Of Porn
Based on Annie’s stage show of the same name, a film diary which includes clips from many of the 150+ movies made in her 25-year porn career. Written and performed by Annie Sprinkle. Co-directed with Scarlot Harlot.
The Sluts And Goddesses Video Workshop Or How To Be A Sex Goddess In 101 Easy Steps
A 52-minute feature video, co-created with Maria Beatty. It features an all-woman cast starring Annie. Written by Annie. (1992).
Masturbation Memoirs
A mature Sprinkle goes au naturel and “medibates” in nature. Produced by House O’ Chicks and directed by Dorrie Lane.
Zen Pussy
A stimulating Meditation on Eleven Vulvas co-directed with Joseph Kramer, Erospirit.
Fire In The Valley
An Intimate Guide to Female Genital Massage, presented with Joseph Kramer, Erospirit.
Linda/Les & Annie: The First Female To Male Transsexual Love Story
A 30-minute docu-drama, written, co-directed/co-edited by Annie Sprinkle.


Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex — Makeover Your Love Life
Published by Penguin/Tarcher. (May 2005)
Hardcore From The Heart: The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of Sex in Performance
Annie Sprinkle and Gabrielle Cody. Published by Continuum. (June 2001)
Annie Sprinkle, Post-Porn Modernist:: My 25 Years as a Multimedia Whore
Revised and updated edition, San Francisco: Cleis Press, 1998. First printing, Torch Gallery, 1991. Second printing, Art Unlimited, 1993.
XXXOOO: Love and Kisses from Annie Sprinkle
Gates of Heck. 1997. A two-volume set of mail-art postcards, designed by Katharine Gates.
Annie Sprinkle’s ABC Study of Sexual Lust and Deviations
Radio Art Publications, 1983 A pocket-sized booklet made with Veronica Vera and Willem De Ridder.
Annie Sprinkle’s Post-Modern Pin-Ups: Pleasure Activist Playing Cards
Gates of Heck, 1995. A deck of playing cards featuring fifty-six women who are the movers and shakers of the sex-positive world. Designed by Katharine Gates.
Love Vibration
Tokyo: Fiction Gallery, 1994 A Japanese book somewhat similar to Post-Porn Modernist. Designed by Makoto Ohrui.


The Annie Sprinkle Comic Book
from the Legends of Porn series published by Carnal Comix.
Annie Sprinkle’s Bazoombas
A forty-eight-page, color, one-shot magazine written, designed and laid out by Annie. Star Publications.
Annie Sprinkle’s Hot Shit
An eighty-page special issue of LOVE magazine. Created with Willem De Ridder.
In the Circle
Annie was art director for this bimonthly newsletter for the New York City Healing Circle for three years. A newsletter mainly for people dealing with AIDS.
The Kinky World Of Annie Sprinkle
A 48-page color, one-shot magazine, produced entirely by Annie. Published by Hudson Communications.
Love 83: Post Art Art in America
An eighty-six-page magazine about “artholes” Sprinkle and Vera. Designed by Willem De Ridder. Published by LOVE magazine.
The Sprinkle Report : The Newsletter Devoted to Piss Art
Created with Willem De Ridder. Published by R. Mutt. Sound Suck A LOVE magazine special that comes with an audiotape that gives extra dimensions to the photos in the magazine.

Books With Some Text By Annie Sprinkle

First Person Sexual: Women and Men Write About Self-Pleasuring
Edited by Joani Blank. San Francisco: Down There Press, 1996. Includes Annie’s humorous short story about what went on during the missing eighteen minutes of the Nixon tapes.
Living with Contradictions: Controversies in Feminist Social Ethics
Edited by Alison M. Jaggar. Westview, 1994. A college textbook that includes Annie’s “Beyond Bisexual.”
More Out Than In: Notes on Sex, Art, and Community
Edited by Rachel Kaplan and Kieth Hennesy. Published by More Out Than In, c/o 848 Community Space, 848 Divisadero, San Francisco, Ca. 94117-1506. Includes an essay by Annie on sex in performance.
Edited by Marny Hall, Ph.D. Haworth Press, 1996. Includes Annie’s “101 Uses for Sex.”
A Vindication of the Rights of Whores
By Gail Pheterson and Margo St. James. Seattle, WA: Seal Press, 1989. Includes Annie’s statements made at the Second World Whore Conference.
Whores and Other Feminists
Edited by Jill Nagle. New York: Routledge, 1997. A spectacular book. An absolute must-read! Annie writes “We’ve Come a Long Way and We’re Exhausted!” about sex worker burnout.

Books With Text About Annie Sprinkle

The Other Hollywood – The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry
By Legs McNeil an d Jennifer Osboune. Reagan Books, 2005. Includes a interview with me.
Outspoken — Free Speech Stories
By Nan Levinson. University of California Press, 2003. Includes a lengthy chapter all about me. Excellent for research.
Beyond the Boundaries – American Alternative Theater
By Theodore Shank. University of Michigan Press, 2002. Several pages about my theater work.
By Scala Publications, 2002. Thick color catalogue for the Museum of Sex exhibition. Includes a conversation with me, Vanessa Del Rio and Legs McNeil. Illustrated with dozens of my photos.
The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex
By Anne Semans and Cathy Winks. Cleis Press, 1994/2002. Nice profile honoring Annie. Excellent book!
Sex in the City — An Illustrated History
By Alison Maddox with forward by Camille Paglia. Universe Publishing, 2002. A really well done, visually stimulating book, in which I am honored to be included.
American Mythologies
By Marshall Blonsky. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992. About semiotics; five pages on Annie.
Edited by Andrea Juno and V.Vale. Re/Search Publications, 1992. Includes interview and photos.
Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out
Edited by Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu. Boston: Alyson Publications, 1991. Covers Annie’s view of sexuality and her advice and guidelines for sex in the ‘90s.
Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies: Sexual Re-Orientation in Film and Video
By Chris Straayer. New York: Columbia University Press, 1996. An academic perspective on my films.
Dirty Looks: Women, Pornography, Power
London: BFI Publishing, 1993. Two academics write chapters about Annie’s films and performances.
“Existence and Empathy: Constructing the Spectator of Annie Sprinkle’s Post-Post Porn Modernist”
Angelika Czekay. Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism (Spring 1993) Madison: University of Wisconson. Academic analysis.
Live Sex Acts: Women Performing Erotic Labor
Wendy Chapkis. Boston: South End Press, 1986. Includes an interview by Wendy about Annie’s prostitution experiences and a chapter about Wendy’s experience in Annie’s group erotic massage ritual.
Mad Monks on the Road: A 47,000 Hour Dashboard Adventure
Michael Lane and Jim Crotty. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993. Includes a chapter about the Mad Monks’ stay at the Sprinkle Salon in its heyday.
Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls
Veronica Vera. New York: Doubleday, 1997. An entertaining, enlightening, superbly written book.
People of the Earth: The New Pagans Speak Out
Ellen Evert Hopman and Lawrence Bond. Includes an interview with Annie about the sacred prostitute.
Pink Highways: Tales of Queer Madness on the Open Road
Michael Lane. Birch Lane Press, 1995. Includes stories of Michael Lane’s road adventures with Annie.
“The Provoking Agent: The Pornography and Performance Art of Annie Sprinkle”
Linda Williams. Social Text 37 (Winter 1993). Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
Public Privates: Performing Gynecology from Both Ends of the Speculum
Terri Kapsalis. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1997. Includes a chapter on Annie’s Public Cervix Announcement performance.
Reading, Writing and Rewriting the Prostitute Body
Shannon Bell. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994. Includes a heady chapter on Annie.
Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture
Carol Queen. San Francisco: Cleis Press, 1997. Includes an essay about Carol’s experience performing the Masturbatorium Ritual on stage with Annie.
Ritual Sex
Edited by Tristan Taormino and David Aaron Clark. New York: Rhinoceros Books/Masquerade Books, 1996. Includes step-by-step recipe for Annie Sprinkle and Joe Kramer’s New Ancient Erotic Massage Ritual and Sensual Magical Mystery Tour.
Voices from the Edge. Conversations with Jerry Garcia, Ram Das, Annie Sprinkle, Matthew Fox, & Others
David Jay Brown and Rebecca McClean Novick. Freedom, CA: The Crossing Press, 1995. This is Annie’s favorite interview.
What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution
John Heidenry. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997. A fascinating, fact-filled book with several sections about Annie Sprinkle.
Whore Carnival
Shannon Bell. Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia, 1996. Includes an interview with Annie, as well as a story by Shannon about the night she taught Annie about female ejaculation.

Annie’s Published Photographs & Artwork

The Body: Photoworks of the Human Form
Edited by William Ewing. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1994. Includes Annie’s Anatomy of a Pinup.
I Am My Lover.: Women Pleasuring Themselves
Edited by Joani Blank. Down There Press, 1997. Photographs by six photographers of women pleasuring themselves. Annie photographs Barbara Carrellas and Kimberley Silver.
Master Breasts
New York: Aperature Foundation, 1998. Includes Annie’s Bosom Ballet.
Sexual Politics
Edited by Amelia Jones. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996. An impressive catalog from the show at Armand Hammer Museum, which included two works by Annie Sprinkle.

Photo Spreads

Annie has posed for just about every major and minor sex magazine there is, including Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy, Stag, High Society, Club, Cheri, and Enema News. She was the National Lampoon Photo Funny Girl for two years. She has also posed for many artists, including painter Alice Neel and photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. She often creates her own self-images and models for her own cameras. Portraits of her appear in the following books: Red Light by Sylvia Palachi, Fetish Girls by Eric Kroll, Forbidden Photographs by Charles Gatewood, Tanaka Mason Kostabi by Tanaka, Linda Mason, and Mark Kostabi, New York Nude by Charles Collum, and Caught In The Act by Donna McAdams.


Annie Sprinkle in My Dreams
An intimate radio documentary by Steve Rathe and Leslie Peters for the New Wilderness Foundation.
An erotic CD in 3-D sound. Produced by Future Sex.
A sound construction made from Annie’s body sounds with Andrew MacKenzie and the Hafler Trio, and with Clock DVA. Published on CD by Touch Music (London).
Sound Suck
A cassette tape that comes with a “talking magazine.” Produced by LOVE magazine. Eleven audiotapes featuring radio plays, experimental music, songs, and stories Published by The Radio Art Foundation (Amsterdam). Engineered by Willem DeRidder.


Annie currently runs a fully equipped photography studio where she produces many photo sets for national and international magazines. Her work has been published in American Photographer, Newsweek, Spin, Camera Austria, and dozens of Penthouse publications.

Her fine art photography has been shown in galleries internationally, and is represented by Torch Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland and Aeroplastics Gallery in Brussels, Belguim. In the United States, Annie is represented by Art @ Large, New York City, NY. Twenty five of her photographs have been printed into postcards by Art Unlimited.

Annie’s 20″x24″ polaroid transfer monoprints of the movers and shakers of the sex world are currently touring galleries, and are available for sale through this website. (see the Gallery section, and the catalog.) They were featured at the FIAC, the French International Contemporary Art Fair, the Good Vibrations Gallery, and ART@Large Gallery.

Live Performance

Post Porn Love
(2005; currently touring). A two woman show.
Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn: From Reel to Real
(1997; currently touring). A one woman show/film diary about Annie’s evolution through the sexual revolution. Directed by Emilio Cubeiro.
Deep Inside Porn Stars
(1984). Created and performed by Club 90 and performed one night only at the Franklin Furnace in New York City.
Hardcore From The Heart
(1996–1997). A multimedia play written and performed by Sprinkle, with her talented wife, Kimberly Silver. Directed by Daniel Banks. Performed for eight months internationally, including in Montreal, Lisbon, Slovenia, Hamburg, Croatia, Los Angeles, and Hartford.
(1996). A week-long sexuality workshop with twenty-six local women that culminates in three evenings of sex magic performance rituals that the public is invited to attend. Facilitated with Barbara Carrellas and Linda Montano. Premiered at the Planet Theater in Austin, Texas.
Post Porn Modernist and Post-Post Porn Modernist
(1990–1995) One-woman shows written and performed by Annie. First directed by Emilio Cubiero and later by Willem De Ridder, they have been presented at The Kitchen (NYC), LeKliene Comedie (Amsterdam), Royalty Theater (Adelaide Festival ‘96, Australia) Schmidt Theater (Hamburg), Buddies in Bad Times (Toronto), Highways (L.A.), Diverseworks (Houston), and many more fine theaters internationally.
The Prometheus Project
(1985). A group performance directed by Richard Schechner that featured Annie. Performed at the Performing Garage in New York City.
Strip Speak
Annie’s own brand of burlesque, which she performed in strip joints around the U.S.A.
The WAC Benefit
(1993). A fund-raiser collaborative performance with Lori Anderson and modern dancers in New York City.

Classes And Workshops

If you’re interested in booking Annie at your college or university, click HERE. Annie has taught and lectured at many museums, universities, and wholistic healing centers, including Brown, Syracuse, Tyler, Columbia, NYU, Cooper Union, Dartmouth, the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), The New Museum (NYC), The Open Center, The Wise Woman Center, Gabriel’s Siren Center (Provincetown), Omega, The Learning Annex, Virginia Commonwealth University, School of VisualArts, Oberlin, University of Southern California, Mills College, Wellesley, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of California at Berkeley, and at many others.

The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of Women’s Sexualities in the ’90s
A popular lecture at sexuality conferences, colleges, etc. Body, Heart and Soul A seven-day residential seminar for men and women to explore relationship and sacred sexuality, facilitated with Allan Lowen. (Australia)
Cosmic Orgasm Awareness Week
A weeklong residential seminar based on the erotic massage rituals of Joseph Kramer. Produced by The Body Electric School of Erotic Spirituality in Oakland, California.
Fun with Breath and Energy Orgasms
A three-hour ecstasy breathing event for men and women.
How to Be a Sex Goddess in 101 Easy Steps
A three-hour experiential course for women. The Learning Annex.
Twenty-five Years as a Multimedia Whore
An Intimate, Informal Show-and-Tell with Annie Sprinkle. Annie’s visiting artist presentation, mostly done at universities. Annie shows her film clips, does mini-performances, shares stories, and does Q-and-A.
New Ancient Erotic Massage Rituals and Sensual Magical Mystery Tours
Annie is the high priestess for three days of guided group (safe) sex magic rituals using Taoist erotic massage techniques developed with Joseph Kramer.
The Pleasures, Profits, and Politics of Erotic Photography
A three-hour Learning Annex course. Participants photograph live nude models.
Sacred Sex
A three-day, women-only residential retreat that Annie co-leads with Jwala, Barbara Carrellas, and Linda Montano. The Wise Woman Center has presented this event for nine years since 1989.
Super Sex Technologies
How to be a fabulous pleasure artist technician. A one-day course.
Sluts and Goddesses
A daylong experiential event. Includes lots of dress up and erotic play.
Wings of Joy
Weekend and weeklong residential seminars, co-led with sufi master Dieter Jarzombek. Annie has done ten of them thus far in Germany, Italy, and in the Canary Islands.


Ms. Sprinkle went to high school at Balboa High School in Panama, Central America. Graduated The School of Visual Arts (NYC) with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts. Awarded the Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Photography. Attended five sessions at Linda Montano’s summer Saint Camp. Formal sex teachers include Joseph Kramer, Jwala, Betty Dodson, Kutira Decosterd, Frank Moore, Harley Swiftdeer, Sunyata Sarawati, Allan Lowen, and Osho. She is now the first porn star in history to get a PhD, which she earned at The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, CA.

Public Service

The St. James Infirmary
A free health care clinic for sex workers of all genders and genres in San Francisco. Current board member – 5 years.
PONY (Prostitutes of New York)
Was on the steering committee. A group fighting to decriminalize prostitution. She formed the PONY Charity Committee, organizing help for sex workers in need.
The Union Labia Sex-Positive Feminists
PPSS ( Pornographers Promoting Safer Sex).
Sprinkle organized meetings to educate pornographers and convince them to use safer sex in their films, so they could, in turn, educate the public.

Other Odds And Ends

Favorite type of weather:
I like it all.
Favorite excercise:
Favorite movies:
Biographical documentaries
Favorite music:
Anything in Sanskrit
Favorite perfume:
Patchuli Oil, Lavender, and Jungle Gardenia
Favorite saying:
“Make no judgements, make no comparisons, delete your need to understand.”
Favorite meal:
Favorite food:
Favorite sex toy:
Hitachi magic wand.
Sexual Preferance at the moment:
Pet peeves:
Water bugs, machismo, loud music while dining, getting up before 10:00 AM.
Leo (July 23)
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