Fun With Ecstasy Breathing Workshop

Fun With Ecstasy Breathing Workshop

Alternate Title: Fun With Ecstasy Breathing & Energy Orgasms

Annie Sprinkle traveled the world to learn new and ancient lovemaking techniques. Now she wants to share with you her favorite of all the techniques she learned—“ecstasy breathing.” It’s a sexual healing session, a chakra enema, and a mind expanding shamanic journey all rolled into one yummy pleasurable experience. This sexual healing technique can enhance your sex life.  We will also discuss “energy orgasms”, and explore ways to have them.

Dress in loose comfortable clothing (which stays on). Bring a soft mat or a blanket to lay on, as you’ll be doing some breathing. This workshop is for anyone interested in the art of making love—alone or with a partner(s). Great for pre-orgasmic women/transsexuals, virgins and celibates too! Annie creates a safe, supportive, gentle atmosphere.  For beginners to advanced. Everyone is welcome—Women, Trans, and Men.


Technical Requirements

  • CD player, microphone and amplification.
  • Chairs for everyone.
  • Two conference tables for my things. 
  • Carpeted room is best as this is usually done lying down. Although it’s possible to do seated as well.
  • Some mats or blankets to lay on if people forget to bring them.
  • Photocopy a few pages of hand-outs before the workshop. This is important.
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