Assuming the Ecosexual Position: Adventures of the Love Art Lab

Stephens and Sprinkle They will take you on a fun and inspiring journey as they share stories, photos, and videos of their wild, wacky art experiments in romance, breast cancer, sex education, and artificial insemination. Currently they are exploring their “eco-sexuality,” taking the Earth as their lover, and developing a new field of research they coined “Sexecology.” They’ve had eight big performance art weddings where they have married each other, and the Earth, Sky and Sea, all in collaboration with hundreds of artists, academics, sex workers, gender-queer communities, ecologists, and activists. The Love Art Lab projects aim to instill hope, create an antidote to fear, and act as a call for action.


Technical Requirements

  • Data projector for us to show photos from our computer.
  • Screen for projection.
  • Two hand held microphones if expecting more than 30 people.
  • Plug in cord for the sound on our computer, and speakers.
  • CD player for music CDs.
  • A small table to put our computer on. (We don’t like to use a lectern)
  • Two chairs for us to sit in on stage in.
  • A table to put some items we have for sale or show, offstage


We will bring computer, a Mac Pro, and dongle adapter. Most all of our talk is on our computer with photos and sound.

Contact Annie about booking a presentation.
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