College Offerings




A Show and Tell Lecture Presentation and discussion

Erotic Environmentalists, Green Porn, and Being Lovers With the Earth. Exploring the Landscape of a Satisfying New Sexual Identity.







Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic

Come by and ask a group of sex experts any questions about sex.

We set up tables and chairs, and assemble four to six sex experts, to dispense free sex advice to anyone that wants it. The Clinic can be created in any sort of busy public space; inside or on the street. We bring signage and lab coats.


Sexecological Walking Tour

Original concept co-created with artist Elizabeth Stephens

Explore your ecosexuality! Join Annie as she points out the sexecological sites. Find your e-spot, learn 25 ways to make love to the Earth, and stimulate your senses. It’s educational, fun and pleasureable.

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