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Excerpt From Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex

Make Over Your Love Life With One of the World’s Great Sex Experts

Every person is an entire erotic universe waiting to be explored.


Welcome to Dr. Sprinkle’s Sex Life Make Over Center and Spa and congratulations! This book will assist
you in a fun, custom sex life make over! I invite you to enter into an experience that promises to transform your heart, mind, body and soul as far as you will let it. I am Dr. Annie M. Sprinkle, Center founder and your ‘transformation facilitator.’

The purpose of any spa is to refresh and revitalize. At this spa, the goal is for you to enjoy the many benefits of ‘spectacular sex.’ After all, what more rejuvenating, nourishing, invigorating force is there than that? It can put a rosy glow in your cheeks that goes deeper than cosmetics, a spring in your step that takes you higher than a stair-master, and a rich heart that goes way beyond aerobics.

Let me start by telling you what I mean when I say ‘spectacular sex.’ I mean an experience that far exceeds the physical ins and outs. Sex is an awesome miracle: it can create whole new human beings, increase intimacy in relationships, and feel really good physically. These things are pretty spectacular in and of themselves. But what I am inviting you to explore with me in this book are the multiple benefits of awakening to the full experience of your own special erotic power.

Spectacular sex takes many different forms. It has many uses and effects.

  • It’s a force for personal growth,
  • physical and emotional healing,
  • self-realization,
  • and spiritual nourishment.
  • It lifts you into a state of grace.

Spectacular sex can be absolutely joyous,

  • thoroughly relaxing,
  • intellectually stimulating,
  • emotionally provocative,
  • and great for your health.
  • It’s the kind of sex where
  • you feel great about your Self
  • you can communicate perfectly what’s deep inside you without words
  • and be heard.
  • It’s when you feel life force energy stream through every part of you.

Spectacular sex can help you achieve your life’s goals by

  • putting a bounce in your step,
  • giving you more charisma and
  • a positive attitude,
  • and making you ecstatically happy.

Spectacular sex is

  • expressing your sexuality in your own unique way,
  • coming from your own truth.
  • It is feeling deeply loved and adored,
  • whether you are with yourself, or with another person.

Spectacular sex is feeling sexually satisfied to the core of your being.

And it is so much more, which will be revealed as you go through this program.

During your visit to Dr. Sprinkle’s Sex Life Make Over Center and Spa you will be offered a world of options as at other retreats, but with solid emphasis on the treats: sensual rubs to bring your body to life, provocative lessons to tickle your awareness, lush recipes to whet your appetites and healing therapies to keep you supple, hard and moist.

Perhaps you really like your sex life as it is, and feel you need just a mini- make over. If that’s the case, then I will help you make small adjustments to enhance your sex life and take it to a new level. Or maybe you want an X-treme make over, to fix a sex life that is not just unsatisfying but possibly depressing and frustrating or has even been non-existent for years. If that’s the case, do not despair: Dr. Sprinkle is here to help.

Like most folks these days, you may have a very busy schedule, and I want to thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me. I promise it will be worth your while. Follow the steps in this guidebook, and you can turn even an icky, unsatisfying sex life into a spectacular, yummy one. The methods I present in the following chapters are tried and true, and have proven effective for people from all different backgrounds and situations with whom I have been privileged to work over the years.

In real life, my Make-Over Center is located in my lovely three story, Victorian home in the middle of a city. But my dream is to have a sprawling, lush villa by the sea. So, lets have some fun, and put ourselves there, in an abundant garden filled with fragrant possibilities. Along the way are signposts that lead you to specific areas: the cleansing pool, the healing hot tub, and the feminine fountains, the massage room, my study and the temple of love making. The chapters in this book describe each area and its purpose. I recommend that you follow the path as I have laid it out for you chapter by chapter, but if you feel a strong desire to wander a bit, please feel free. In the end, I’m not going to tell you exactly which path to follow for your sex life make over. I will happily lead you to a variety of possible paths, and cheer you on as you walk– or float, as it were– down whichever path you choose. You’ll find your own way. If there’s one thing I know about sex absolutely, it’s that everyone has different needs and desires. There isn’t one right way; there is only your way .

This is continued in the book.

spectacular sex book

Most sex-advice books offer a lot of theory but draw very little from real life sexual experience or erotic body wisdom. Annie Sprinkle’s candor, generosity, and sexual insight are an extraordinary combination. In this book she offers readers the kind of care and attention she provides in her legendary workshops. Dr. Sprinkle is a sex genius.

Susie Bright,
sexpert, author, blogger, mother

This is Annie Sprinkle at her very best! Let Dr. Sprinkle teach you how to become more self aware and self confident as a lover and to feel great and happy in your own body. If ever you’ve believed you were an ugly duckling, after reading this book, you’ll feel like a million dollar beauty: admired, adored, desired and loved.

Xaviera Hollander,
author of The Happy Hooker and Child No More

Most people who give advice on sex get their expertise from books, articles, and their lients. Few have really experienced the things they write or talk about except perhaps vicariously. Annie Sprinkle is unique. She has been a porn star, a stripper, a professional dominatrix, a nude model, an erotic photographer, has performed one woman sex shows around the country, has partners of both sexes as well as a transsexual, experimented with sexual intimacy, and the list could go on. She also has acquired expertise and received a Ph.D. in human sexuality. In short, she has been there, done that, and this book offers sage advice on every aspect of sex, and gives examples from either her own experience or that of people she knows. Her advice is enlightening and to the point. It is written as a guide to learn how to have better sex and I know of no better book on how to do this. Most valuable is her recounting of her own experience. It also makes for a good read.

Vern Bullough Ph.D.,
author, professor of sexology, and winner of the Alfred Kinsey Award for distinguished sex research

Always a true original, Annie Sprinkle does it again! This is one sexologist who walks her talk— as the ultimate outrageous, bodacious, sassy, smart, lusty lady. I particularly loved her approach to the various kinds of sex, the concept of the party poopers, and the relationship menu selections. So clever and creative! Dr. Sprinkle can teach while titillating her subjects, bringing the siren out of even the plainest Jane. Follow this book and you’re sure to become sexually free!

Dr. Patti Britton ,
clinical sexologist at and author of The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice.

This book is spectacular … 100 percent Annie Sprinkle! Annie offers the reader information, insights and personal growth exercises that will brighten and excite just about everyone’s sex life.

Howard J. Ruppel, MPH, Ed.D., Ph.D.,
Chancellor & Academic Dean Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Dr. Annie’s sex-life makeover is over the top—a delicious invitation to help you become one of the hottest women on the planet. You’ll learn a lot, laugh a lot, and hone your natural talents for eye-opening, heart-warming, soul-satisfying loving. It’s not about performance but about permission to let yourself be fully you without the old bugaboos of guilt, shame, and misinformation. This book is a high-spirited Joy of Sex for the third millennium! Keep it by your bed as a ready reference—your partner’s sure to love it too.

Gina Ogden, Ph.D.,
author of Women Who Love Sex: An Inquiry Into the Expanding Spirit of Women’s Erotic Experience

I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like to improve their sex life and expand their attitudes to sexuality. Our sexuality is a work in progress and even this greatest gift of pleasure can become atrophied and predictable without continual ‘make-overs’. Candid and engaging, witty and insightful, Spectacular Sex is packed full with wonderful wisdom distilled from years of direct personal experience and offers the tools to re-wire our sexual reflexes in new and exciting ways.’Blending timeless wisdom with psychological insights and colorful anecdotes,’Spectacular Sex’ is accessible and empowering. Although written mainly for women, it is highly recommended reading for men. This book can facilitate your entry into a more integrated and fulfilling sex life.’ Above and beyond all the wonderful sex tips that Annie Sprinkle has to offer, lies Annie’s understanding of one of the great secrets of happiness. She has learnt how to turned on by life, and she is willing to pass it on’.

Penny Slinger ,
author of the best seller, Sexual Secrets, and Artist

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