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I'm an artist, sexologist, ecosexual, author, lecturer, educator and thespian. I've also been a sex worker of all sorts, a pioneering adult film director/performer and a professional photographer. I'm the first porn star to have earned a Ph.D., my work is studied in major universities internationally, I've shown at the best museums and galleries-- and I'm still going strong! Here you'll find some things old, some things new, and some things very very blue.

--Annie Sprinkle

Goodbye Gauley Mountain

For information about where and how you can see our film, Goodbye Gauley Mountain. go here: Goodbye Gauley Mountain

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Recent Projects

The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm

The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm is a small, illustrated guide to orgasms of all sizes and types, including genital orgasms, energy orgasms, orgasmic states, wavegasms, crygasms, body-part-gasms, breath orgasms, nocturnal orgasms, dry orgasms, wet dreams, nipplegasms... and the ultra-special megagasm. Learn seven keys to attain them all. Plus learn about the history of orgasm research, explore the definitions of orgasm, and much more.

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Where ART meets THEORY meets PRACTICE meets ACTIVISM

A Road Trip, Pop-Up Performances, Walking-Tours, H2O Talks & A Documentary

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