2010 Events

Love Art Lab’s PURPLE Year

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Jan 3rd

San Francisco, CA

Femina Potens

A sexecological walking tour.

Meet at Femina Potens and we’ll then show you the ecosexy sites.


Rain or Shine. $15.

January 7

Brooklyn, NY

A.I.R Gallery

The Man I Wish I Was

Opening night of art exhibit. Curated by Kharis Kennedy. I’m exhibiting a photographic work, The 7 Men Inside Katharine Gates, made in collaboration with K. Gates.

Runs through Jan. 30.

Jan 15-17

San Francisco, CA


Heliotropic Breathwork

I’ll be taking this amazing workshop with the famous creator of Holotropic Breathwork, Stanaslov Groff.

Jan 21

San Francisco, CA

Femina Potens

Closing Reception: Sexecology

Closing reception for our Love Art Lab art exhibit, Sexecology; Making Love With the Earth, Sky and Sea. The Sexecologists are In. Come by for a personal tour of the exhibit.

Jan 31st

San Francisco, CA

Center for Sex and Culture

Opening–Sex Worker Media Library

7-9:30 PM

I’ll be co-hosting the grand opeing with Scarlot Harlot and Carol Queen.

Carol Leigh (AKA Scarlot Harlot) has just finished her grant project in collaboration with the Center for Sex and Culture. The Sex Worker Media Library is a searchable database of 20 years of sex worker, LGBT and other activist and arts interviews, performances and other video recordings, funded by the Creative Work Fund.

Details at Sex Worker Media Library

Feb 8-10

San Francisco


The Sexecology Think Tank

A team of designers, researchers, techies and I will be collaborating at the Love Art Lab to put together the new visiting artist sexecology presentation all about the ecosexual movement.

Feb 12

San Francisco, CA

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Assuming the Ecosexual Position

My collaborator, Elizabeth Stephens and I will be presenting our all new visiting artist presentation, Assuming the Ecosexual Position, all about Sexecology. For students only. But you can invite us to do this talk to your town.

Sat Feb 13th

San Francisco, CA

The Lab

Assuming the Ecosexual Position

8:00 p.m.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and this new decade pregnant with possibilities for change and transformation, acclaimed performance artist and sex educator Annie Sprinkle and her partner, interdisciplinary artist and activist Elizabeth Stephens, take you on a joyous and inspiring journey as they explore, generate, and celebrate love through art.

They will weave their amazing stories, share some dazzling images, and do mini-performances about their experiments in romance, artificial insemination, breast cancer, sex education, performance art weddings, and other love-inspired projects. Currently investigating “ecosexuality,” these two dynamic women are mapping a new field of research they coined “sexecology” — the place where sexology and ecology intersect. Perhaps you’ll discover that you, too, are an ecosexual. The evening’s proceedings will also feature an erotic cake contest.  Audience members are encouraged to participate by bringing a luscious, lascivious desert of their own making. Every cake will win a prize.

7 – $10 sliding scale.

Feb 14

Valentines Day

Private performance.

Mar 4-11

Vienna Austria

Kosmos Theatre

Dirty Sexecology–How to Make Love to the Earth

March 4th—Visiting Artist Presentation

Adventures of the Love Art Laboratory and Ecosexuals in Love

March 5th, 6th—Dirty Sexecology: 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth.

This is our full-on new theater piece. Don’t miss it!

March 11th—Panel: Violence and Sexism In Art

We’ll be on a panel with the German grand dame of feminism, Alice Schwarzer and Vienna’s minister of women’s affairs.

March 13th—PERFORMANCE! Feminist Psychic Readings with the Oracles of the Third Eye

Beth and I will be performing at the Kosmos Theater’s Anniversary Celebration along with dozens of other incredible artists. We will perform the ancient divination technique of reading raw eggs in answer to your questions.

March 18

San Francisco, CA

Veteran’s War Memorial

2010 Mayor’s Art Award Honoring Carlos Santana

I’ll be attending this reception honoring artist who received grants from the San FRancisco Art Commision in 2009. Love Art Lab received a generous grant, for which we are grateful.

March 20

San Francisco, CA

Center For Sex and Culture

Remembering Jamie Gilles

I will be co-hosting this memorial service with Carol Queen for Jamie Gilles, porn legend and so much more.

Mar 27–Apr 5

Los Angeles. CA


I’ll be driving down to LA to visit my family. Am open to doing some gigs during this time.

April 8

San Francisco, CA

Good Vibrations, Polk St Gallery

Our Lady of the Burning Dreams

I’ll be hosting this gallery opening with work by 3 amazing collagists and friends Carol Queen, Robert Lawrence, and my Tantra mentor Penny Slinger.

April 14,15

Ubana-Champaign, Il


University of Illinois

I’m invited to present various events, produced by the Sexual Health Peers group. (for students only)

Wed 14

11:00 AM—1:00 PM: Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic

8:00 PM: My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Ecosexual, and Radical Sex Educator

Thurs 15

12:00 PM—1:30 PM: The World’s First On-Campus Ecosexual Walking Tour (Co-created by Elizabeth Stephens)

1:30—2:30 PM: Love Picnic. Come Schmooze and bring your work to show Annie.

7:30 PM: Screening of Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm

April 16, 17

Madison, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

Sex Out Loud—Sexual Health Week

(for students only)

Fri 16

12:00 PM—3:00 PM:Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic

Sat 17

12:30—2:00 PM: What Matters to Me, And Why. Barnard Guest Speaker Room.

5:00 PM: My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Ecosexual, and Radical Sex Educator

April 27

Berkeley, CA

Mills College

Mills College: Visiting Artist

I’ll be a visiting artist in a class about transgressive art and dance.

April 30

San Francisco, CA


A May Day Benefit for CounterPULSE performance space

Beth and I will be doing a performance along with other amazing artists. Promises to be a fab event.

May 14, 15

Ashland, WI

Northland College

Northland College

Sidewalk Sex Clinic, My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Ecosex Lecture, Sexecological Walking Tour. I’m very excited to present our sexecology concepts to this Environmentalist-focussed college.

May 18

Boulder Creek, CA


Penny Slinger’s Goddess Temple

I’ll be doing a fantasmagorical video and photo shoot for Penny’s secret new project. She’s one of my heroes. She introduced tantra to the west with her revolutionary book Sexual Secrets.

May 21

New York, NY


Speaking From the Diaphragm

The wonderful and fabulous Vaginal Cream Davis will interview Beth and I about our ecosexuality and sexecology projects for this live performance art talk show.


May 22

San Francisco, CA


Annual Gala Fundraiser for Michelle Tea’s RADAR

Beth and I will be performing at this event, which raises money for the writer retreat they host in Mexico. Beth and I are thrilled to be attending the writer retreat. Please come. A great evening will be had by all no doubt.

May 23

San Francisco, CA

Home Theatre Festival

Home Theater Festival

Philip Huang presents the Home Theater Festival where artist perform where they live. The Love Art Lab will be performing with the festival from 3—4:30 in our ecosexy ‘back yard’. Other artist include Michelle Tea, Keith Hennessy and more.

May 27–June 1

Letcher County, KY


Eco-Art Adventures of the Love Art Lab at Mountain Justice Camp

At Wiley’s Last Resort 200 environmental activists will be meeting off the grid to do workshops, plan actions to help stop mountain top removal mining devastation. We’ll be learning civil disobedience, planning actions to help save the environment and other fun stuff, and camping in a tent. Compost toilets only.

June 12

San Francisco, CA

The Lab


Laura Arrington is the creator of this event. 6PM process, 8 PM show. Fresh out of the kitchen performance art and dance pieces. I’m invited as a “celebrity judge”. Pre-show ritual led by Patrick Ferrerri.

June 13

San Francisco, CA

Queer Arts Festival


Dirtstar is an open air night market in a parallel future. Farmers, chefs, and storytellers gather under the twinkling light of projected histories of queer activism for environmental justice. A delicious menagerie of street food and art, headphones hang next to seedlings and performances range between farm stands, mapping our queer edible history and projecting that history into an imagined future. Canning jars glow with the pink and green ferments of potlucks, food co-ops, and back to the land faeries, Nightsoil will invoke tastes of queer diasporas with recipes that blend the fruit of our homelands with the queer cultures we have created. Love Art Lab will be there to perform and share our Sexecology research. No one turned away for lack of funds.


June 14–18



Private Performance with Mom


June 24–Sept 3

San Francisco, CA

Good Vibrations on Polk St.


Sybaritic Cougars with Ecosexual Tendencies

We invite viewers on a joyous and inspiring journey as we share our multiple “artgasms” in the perfect setting: sex-positive retail space Good Vibrations. Pieces include 101 Uses for Sex, the Bronzed Panty Collection, Hairotica, R. Muff, Anatomy of a Pin-Up, and the Breast Cancer Ballet. This collection spans three decades of exploration and sex positive feminist activism. Please come!

Opening Reception June 24

June 25,26,27

San Francisco

Gay Pride Week

San Francisco Pride Festival

It looks like will be in SF for this international annual event. We are open to invitations to particular events.

Friday June 25

Transgender Picnic and March

Saturday June 26, Dyke March and Pink Saturday Festival

12:30—3 PM: I’ll be volunteering at the Visual Aid booth at Civic Center area

Sunday June 27

Gay Pride Parade and Festival


On Tour

On the Road With the Mobile Institute of Sexecology

We’ll hit the road July 1st in our new 1978 American Clipper camper which we have christened “the Mobile Institute of Sexecology.” We’ll drive cross country , spending time doing research, and then shooting a film in West Virginia about mountaintop removal mining devastation, and about being lovers with the Earth. We’ll drive back to California early Sept. In the middle of our trip we’ll go down to Mexico for a writer retreat. See below.

July 27–Aug 6

Akumal Peninsula, Mexico

radar productions

Radar Productions Writer’s Retreat

Radar Productions Writer’s Retreat with Michelle Tea and other wonderful writers.

Sept 1—7


Road Trip

We’ll be driving from West Virginia to San Francisco researching the ecosexy sites.

Sept 8

San Francisco, CA

Good Vibrations Gallery on Polk Street

Sybaritic Cougars with Ecosexual Tendances

Last chance to see our super fun art exhibit at Good Vibrations Polk St. store. It’s a retrospective spanning a good 20 years. Please stop by.

Sept 9

San Francisco, CA

Good Vibrations Gallery on Polk Street

Explore Ecosexuality—25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth

With Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. & Elizabeth Stephens

This is as far as we know, the world’s first Ecosex Workshop. We’ll take you on a sensual and stimulating journey as we shift the metaphor from Earth as mother to Earth as lover. Learn about this satisfying new sexual identity; find your E-spot, discover where you are on the ecosexual scale, become more aware of the erotic possibilities of nature, and try some ecosexercises. This workshop will be held in the Good Vibrations Gallery where our art exhibit is: Sybaritic Cougars with Ecosexual Tendencies. Come!

Sept 18—19

Boulder Creek, CA

Penny Slinger’s Goddess Temple

Dakini Oracle Gathering at Penny Slinger’s Goddess Temple.

Penny Slinger, one of my favorite authors and artists, is doing an amazing project for which I modeled. 64 Dakini women strut their stuff for amazing photographs and it will become a card deck, board game, video, etc. This is a private gathering, as we will plan strategies to get the work out into the world. Stay tuned for public events about the Dakini Oracle. Penny has made the most beautiful photo of me ever!

Sept 22

San Francisco, CA

The Luggage Store

Radar Reading

Michelle Tea and Ali Liebegot’s Radar Reading event is to benefit their marvelous writer retreat in Mexico. I’ll be doing a reading/performance along with some great, amazing artist/writers. More details to be announced.

Oct 18

Cal Arts

Studio Visits

Annie Sprinkle does studio visits and grad student mentoring all afternoon.

Oct 20

Los Angeles, CA

Cal Arts

Sex and Feminist Studies

I’ll be a visiting artist at Maggie Nelson’s class in Sex and Feminist Studies

Oct 21

Los Angeles, CA

Disney Concert Hall


Reverend Billy and the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir

Presented by Cal Arts. Me and some of our wedding guests will be attending this performance. Join me! Billy and his Church are so brilliant, exciting, fun and satisfying. Join us.

Get Tickets Here

Oct 23

Los Angeles, CA

Farnsworth Park Amphitheater

Purple Wedding to the Moon

Officiated by Reverend Billy with the Church of Life After Shopping Choir. Featuring many performers, artists, and amazing guests.

Gather: 6:00 PM

Ceremony: 6:30-8:00

Reception: 8:00-9:00

We will make our vows to love, honor and cherish the Moon & Mountains until death brings us closer together forever. You are invited to join us in these vows, or simply come bear witness. We ask for no gifts but welcome collaboration on the creation of the wedding. See more info at LoveArtLab.

Oct 24

Santa Monica, CA

Highways Performance Space

Ecosex Symposium HoneyMOON

Moderator: Veronica Hart. Panel: Ecosex Community Leaders, artists, teachers, thinkers. Ecosexuals unite! What’s an ecosexual? Find out with a panel of esteemed sex-ecologists; the movers and shakers of this satisfying new sexual identity and cutting edge pollen-amourous community. Find your e-spot. On the occasion of the honeyMOON day after Stephens & Stephens’ wedding to the Moon (loveartlab.org).

3:00- 5:00

Panel, presentations and discussion.


Schmooze with the Ecosexuals, Moon Pies and ecosexy treats will be served.

Oct 25



My Life As a Metamorphosexual

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., sex educator, speaking in a sociology class.

November 1–7

Athens, OH

Love Art Lab at Ohio University

Beth and I will have a visual art exhibit and opening reception, facilitate an ecosexual walking tour, work with students, present our work, and do other art projects at Ohio University for a one-week residency. The climax will be a big performance art wedding. Everyone is invited to attend and collaborate on the creation of the wedding. See videos of our past 8 weddings. Wear purple. Our host for the week is art professor Jennie Klein.

November 3

Athens, Ohio

University of Ohio


Assuming the Ecosexual Position: Adventures of the Love Art Lab

Visiting Artist Lecture With Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.

Bentley Hall 240, 6 – 7:30 PM

Nov 4

Athens, Ohio

University of Ohio

Ecosexuals in Love: Our PollenAmorous Relationship with the Earth, Sky and Sea

6 – 8 PM Opening Trisolini Gallery Opening Reception

6:30 – 7 PM Gallery Talk – artists Stephens and Sprinkle

Artists Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens invented a new field of research they coined “Sexecology” which explores the places where sexology and ecology overlap, and they are “sexecologists.” This show explores these themes through new collages and works layered with eco-erotic images, romantic plantings, sensual delights and erotic growths.

Nov 5

Athens, Ohio


Sexecological Walking Tour with Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens


Bag Lunch gathering at the School of Theatre hosted by the campus GLBTQ group.

1:30 – 3 PM

Sexecological Walking Tour  at Emeriti Pond

5:30 PM

Rehearsal and prep for Wedding

Nov 6

Athens, Ohio

Purple Wedding to the Appalachian Mountains

Gather: 2:30 PM

Ceremony: 3:00-5:00

Reception: 5:00-6:30.

We will marry the Appalachian Mountains at the lovely Galbreath Memorial Chapel at University of Ohio, Athens, Ohio. Homily by the tenacious protector of the mountains Larry Gibson. Come as a guest/witness or guest/collaborator.

We will make our vows to love, honor and cherish the Moon & Mountains until death brings us closer together forever. You are invited to join us in these vows, or simply come bear witness. We ask for no material gifts but invite people to help co-create the wedding. See Love Art Lab for more information.

November 13

San Francisco, CA



Big Deal

Big Deal Art Sale and Fundraiser for Visual Aid, which helps artists who have life threatening illnesses. We will donate some art to this wonderful event, and plan to attend. Its really a fun event.

Nov 20

San Francisco, CA


Beth’s Birthday

Big birthday Bash for Beth Stephens, my wifey.

Dec 1—Jan 2

Brooklym, NY

AIR Gallery

At Her Age: Women, Age & Sex

A group exhibit curated by Martha Wilson which includes work by Annie & Beth.

Dec 3rd

San Francisco, CA

Mission Control

What the Fuck is Ecosex and Why Is It So Hot?

Ecosex Speakeasy Evening. I will present my lecture performance, What the Fuck is Ecosex and Why Is It So Hot?

Dec 17

San Francisco, CA

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

4:17 Sex Worker Scream

Public performance art piece by Sex Worker Outreach Project.

5:00 San Francisco City HAll. Memorial Vigil.

We will be participating this important day’s events. As our contribution to the vigil we will be showing the film “A Fire In My Belly” by the prostitute turned artist David Wojnarowicz, which was censored from the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibition, in protest of another sex worker’s voice silenced.

8:30 Naked Girls Reading.

I’ll be one of 8 “girls”reading writings by sex workers, while naked. This event is produced by Lady Monster. At the Center For Sex and Culture

More Info at Wikipedia

Organizers: SWOP-USA

Dec 18

San Francisco, CA

Love Art Lab’s Anniversary and the start of our Silver Year

We will begin our last year of the Love Art Lab project, with a private seven chakra dinner party event at our home base.

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