2009 Events

Love Art Lab’s BLUE Year

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January 27-30

Mexico City, Mexico

Institute for Critical Studies

(In)Visible Excess:Traffic and Postpornography

A five day conference/symposium at the Institute for Critical Studies. Love Art Lab will be presenting our sexier stuff. Other great artists, academics and theoreticians will be presenting at this first such conference in Latin America.

February 4,5

Mount Vernon, Iowa

Cornell University

Guest Speaker Presentation

My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Sidewalk Sex Clinic, Video night, and more. For information: hpavlu11@cornellcollege.edu

February 10,11

St. Louis, Missouri

Washington University

Sex Week at Washington University

My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Sidewalk Sex Clinic, Video night, and more. Presented by the Alternative Lifestyle Association.

Feb 14

Boulder Creek, California

Valentine’s Day

Private performance with Elizabeth Stephens. Make love not war.

Feb 17

Sirrius Radio

The Diana Cage Show


Feb 25-28

Los Angeles, CA

College Art Association

College Art Association 2009

I’ll be attending this huge conference. Email me if you are going too and want to hook up. Would love to meet you.

March 3

San Francisco, CA


Sex Workers Rights Day.

I’ll be going and participating in this Sex Worker Outreach Project fundraiser evening.

March 5-7

Greencastle, Indiana

DePaw University

Guest Speaker Presentation

My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist, Sidewalk Sex Clinic, Video night, and more.

March 17-26

Charlston, West Virginia


Love Art Lab Research Mission

Beth and I will be going to do preparatory work on art project about mountain top removal mining practices.

April 2nd

New York, NY


Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle

I’ll be flying in just for the day to be interviewed a new box collector’s edition of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle. The entire film will be remastered, and the golden shower scene will be re-inserted in all its splash and splendor. To be released this Summer.

April 4

Washington DC

Visions of Feminism

Visions of Feminism Conference

I’ll be the keynote presenter at this annual event.

April 14,15

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Love Art Lab Visiting Presentation

Adventures of the Love Art Lab. Live visiting artist presentation with me and Elizabeth Stephens.

April 18

San Francisco, CA

Essence of Romance

Essence of Romance Convention

I’ll present something special and unique for this very cool national sex toy distribution network.

April 21

San Francisco, Ca

SF Public Library

Lambda Literary Awards Reading

5:00 PM


6:00 PM

Reading I’ll read from our essay in the anthology, “Live Through This.”, which is up for a Lambda Literary Award. Seven other autors will read from their books.

April 23

Santa Cruz, CA

Pure Pleasure Sexuality Boutique

How to Be a Better Lover

My workshop for couples and singles. All genders welcome, especially Trans.

April 24

San Francisco, CA

1015 Folsom


Love Art Lab will do a performance art piece as part of Penny Slinger’s world premier of her new film about the rainbow body and the seven chackras. It’s a fantastic film/experience. Come and get all of your chackras spinning. Everyone welcome. More details soon. http://anonsalon.com/shockra/ http://www.goddesschannel.com/shockra/

April 27

Santa Cruz, CA


Visiting Artist

Lindsay Kelly’s Social Science Class

April 30

Long Island, NY

Stony Brook University

Queer Symposium

I’m a guest speaker. “My Big Fat Queer Sexy Artist Activist Life” Contact sbqfilmfest@gmail.com

May 5

San Francisco, CA


The Queer Adventures of the Love Art Lab

Beth and I will present our visiting artist talk. Everyone welcome.

2 PM-4PM Jack Addams Hall, Cesar Chavez Building

ASI E.R.O.S. Presents

May 7-10

Pacific Grove, CA


Sexual Ontogeny: A Lifelong Work in Progress

Beth and I will be presenting “Radical Sex Education.” at SSSS Conference at Asilomar Retreat Center.

Sat. 3-4 PM

June 1-6

San Francisco, CA

Several Locations

Scarlot Harlot’s Fantastic Sex Worker Film Festival

I’ll attend some of the festival.

June 5

San Francisco, CA

Paradise Lounge

St. James Infirmary 10th Anniversary Benefit

This wonderful sex worker health care clinic deserves all our support. Please come. I’ll fly to England the next morning, but we’ll try to make it.

June 8-14

Oxford, England

Grove House

Making Art About Love / Blue Wedding

June 8-12

Workshop: Making Art About Love. Facilitated by me, Elizabeth Stephens and Luke Dixon

June 13th

Bleu: an exploration of the works of Yves Klein. Come roll around naked in blue paint and make exquisite paintings as well as decorations for Blue Wedding. Facilitated by Luke Dixon.

June 14th

Blue Wedding #5 (see Inviatation from Love Art Lab)


We will marry the sky. Communication (Throat Chackra.) For more information or to book a place, email luke@theatrenomad.com See Press Release

June 15

London or Brighton Beach, England… undecided

Blue Honeymoon #5 In England

We welcome honeymoon ideas and suggestions. Invite us to your getaway and honeymoon with us!

June 26,27,28

San Francisco, CA

(GLBT) Pride Festival

Gay Pride Weekend

Beth and I will flutter about to the various festivities.

Fri, June 26, Delores Park

Trans Picnic and March

Sat, June 27, Delores Park

Dyke March and Rally

Sun, June 28, Market St. Civic Center

SF Pride Parade and Festival

July 3,4,5

Madrid, Spain


El Arte Art is Acción: Art is action 2nd Edition

Love Art Lab is thrilled to present the next version of Dirty Sexecology. Directed by Patty Gallagher. Also performing are Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Ron Athey, and Franko B., three of our greatest performance art living treasures.

July 8th

San Francisco, CA

Relocating Operations

We move our Love Art Laboratory headquarters back to San Francisco from Boulder Creek.

August 23-29

Venice, Italy


Venice Biennale

We are very excited about performing our second Blue Wedding #5 at the Venice Biennale on the afternoon August 28th. We are invited by the curator of the Society of Fear pavilion, at the Arsenale, who will help produce the wedding. See http://loveartlab.org/ for details. More details to be announced.

August 28

Blue Wedding #5.5 A blue procession, gondolas, sex workers, artists, and so much more. YOU are invited to join us. On this auspicious day we will marry the sea. Wedding couture by Sarah Stolar.

Sept 16

Baltimore, MD

maryland institute of contemporary art

My Life and work as a feminist porn activist

2:30-4 PM

Visiting artist presentation


Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic

Sept 28-9


Nonviolent Communication for the sex community

Intro to Compassionate Communication for Sexworkers and Sex-positive Community With Master Coaches Scott Catamas & Lorie Grace Hosted by Annie Sprinkle

Oct 2,3,4

Laytonville, CA

Black Oak Ranch

Women’s Visionary Congress

Conciousness, healing and social justice. Everyone welcome. We’ll present the adventures of the Love Art Laboratory, and our work as sexecologists. The third annual Women’s Visionary Congress (WVC) will take place at Black Oak Ranch in Mendocino County, California. The WVC features the work of visionary women healers, scholars, activists and artists who explore the leading edge of consciousness and sustainable social change. The gathering supports the transfer of knowledge among women who apply the insights of their spiritual path to strengthen their communities.

Oct 10

San Francisco, CA


Private Dinner Party

Dinner Party at the Love Art Laboratory to honor the women of Bondassage.com

Oct 17

Marin, CA

Bioneer’s Conference

I will be attending.

October 20,21

Olympia, WA

Evergreen State College

Love Art Lab Visiting Artist Presentation

Oct 20th, 7:30 PM

My Life and Work as a Feminist Porn Activist and Sexecologist

Oct 21, 12-2:30 PM

Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic

Oct 21, 7-8 PM

Screening: Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm

Oct 21, 8-10 PM

Workshop: Fun With Ecstasy Breathing and Energy Orgasms

Oct 25

San Francisco, CA

Memorial for Gerard Damiano

I’ll be doing a private ceremony to remember pioneering sex film director Gerard Damiano, on this day, the aniversary of his passing.

Nov 9

Boston, Mass

Massachusetts College of Art

Ecosexual Artists in Love

Visiting artists presentation with Elizabeth Stephens and myself. Presenting the work of the Love Art Laboratory

November 12-15

Boston, MA

The Theatre Offensive

Dirty Sexecology–How to Make Love to the Earth

the US premiere of our new theatre piece.

Nove 12, 7:30 PM Nov 13, 8:00 PM Nov 14th, 7:30 & 9:30 PM

Nov 15, 2:30 Pm

Sexecology Walk. A walking tour with Annie & Beth.

Nov 18



Performing at Beth Stephen’s Birthday


Nov 20

Phoenix, AZ

Castle Megastore

Legends of Porn


Nina Hartley, Gloria Leonard. Veronica Hart, Candida Royalle, Seka, Georgina Spelvin, Ginger Lynn, Veronica Vera, and me. 21815 N. 26th Ave, Phoenix, AZ.

December 4th



Victory Fund Brunch

Beth and Annie do a presentation.

Dec 5 – Jan 31

San Francisco, CA

Femina Potens

Love Art Lab Solo Exhibition

Love Art Lab is having a big solo exhibition of some big photographic collages, that we hope will make the environmental movement more seductive. We received a grant from the San Francisco Arts commission to do this exhibition and are very excited about this new work.

Dec 13th, 7-10 PM


Dec 19, 1-4 PM

The Sexecologists Are In. Do drop by!

Dec 17

San Francisco, CA

Femina Potens

International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

I do this every year. Please join me. Check back for what, when and where. Some info about this special event is at http://test17.swopusa.org/

Dec 19

San Francisco, CA

Femina Potens

The Sexecologists are In

Do drop by! We’ll be hanging out in the gallery from 1-4 PM. We’ll also be collecting stories about people’s sexual experiences with nature.

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