2002 Events


January 16 through 20th
Four nights of my one woman show, ANNIE SPRINKLE'S HERSTORY OR PORN (16h through 19th) Hamburg, Germany. Art center Kampnagel.
Jan. 20th.
Kampnagel. Workshop: SUPER SEX TECHNOLOGIES --for women.
New York Art Fair, at the Armory. Torch Gallery will be presenting my photographs. (I won't be there, but working on my dissertation.)
Feb. 4 through 8th.
I'll take classes at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. If all goes well, I will have finished my dissertation, and will receive my Ph.D.
Feb. 22-24
Group art show at "848" at 848 Divisidero. San Francisco. I will show some of my hand painted polaroid transfers.
March 9th
Conference on Female Sexual Disfunction. Produced by Lenore Tiefer. San Francisco. (I'll be attending, but not presenting.)
March 12
SUPER SEX TECNOLOGIES. I facilitate a workshop/experience, at the Harvey Milk Institute, San Francisco. Open to everyone.
March 16th
AN EVENING WITH ANNIE SPRINKLE, FEMINIST PORN ACTIVIST. Windsor Femnist Theater, Windsor, Canada. (Details to follow.)
April 12th
Visiting artist presentation. Performance Art Festival, San Jose Art Works. San Jose, California. Open to the public.
April 16th.
Visiting artist presentation at San Jose University. For students only.
June 25.
Good Vibrations in San Francisco. Sex Magic and Lovers Spells Workshop with a Candle Making Ritual. Facilitated with that fabulous witch, Francesca DeGrandes, author of Be A Goddess. 800-289-8423 goodvibes.com.
July 20th (Saturday)
SLUTS AND GODDESSES DRESS UP EVENT AND WORKSHOP. With Annie Sprinkle and Jwala. 20 women only. Space limited. Reservations and deposit required. $175. 10:00am til 10:00 pm. A sensuous, fun day exploring two sexual archetypes. At Annie and Jwala's house in Northern Marin, California. Reservations required. Contact us at sprinkle@gatesofheck.com, if you are interested. Watch for my photographs and articles appearing irregularly in Spectator Magazine and On Our Backs. And my monthly interviews with sexy broads in Over 40 magazine and Over 50 magazines. I will also have a great article coming out in the MAPS Bulletin on How Psychedelics Informed My Sex Life and Sex Work. Check out my limited edition designer dildo (edition of 50, signed and numbered), The Love Handle, carved by hand from black marble. I also have beautiful, large format Polaroid Transfer photographs on display at art galleries and art fairs. (See some of them on my web site.)
Sept. 14
1:00 til 3:30. Tit Print Demo and Sale, at Grand Opening, the Boston sex toy shop extraordinaire. Come watch me be a human printing press, and take home your own collectable fine art tit print. 617-731-2626.
September 14 evening (Saturday) and Sept. 15 (Sunday all day)
SUPER SEX TECHNOLOGIES INTENSIVE; For women and trannies. Workshop co-facilitated with Kim Airs of Grand Opening in Boston. This will be great. 617-731-2626
Sept. 16.
Philadelphia. The Temple University Film and Media Arts Department in association with the Derek Freese Film and Video Foundation, the Temple University Women's Studies Department, S-Flag, and LAMBDAPresents: "AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH ANNIE SPRINKLE PhD.: PROSTITUE/PORN STAR turned PERFORMANCE ARTIST/SEXOLOGIST!!" @ 8:00pm Temple University, Anderson Hall room 17. Open to the public. Call the Film and Media Arts Department for more info: 215-204-3859 $10/$5 for students of ANY school with valid ID
Sept. 17
Philadelphia. "THE MORNING AFTER: A Slideshow on the History of Sex and Performance Art and Discussion on Sexually Explicit Media and Sex-Positive Feminism." Tuesday September 17 @ 12:00pm (noon)Temple University Anderson Hall, Pihladelphia, PA $5/*FREE* for students of ANY school with valid ID
Sept 17
Evening press conference for Museum of Sex, New York City.
Sept. 18
Museum of Sex in NYC, gala opening, with exhibition about the history of sex in NYC which displays some Sprinkle photos. There will also be a book/catalogue, which includes an interview with me about NYC's bad old days, in which I am now one of the last surviving experts.
Sept. 24
School of Visual Arts, in Manhattan. Visiting artist in Joyce Culver's Photo and Sex class. 4:00.
Sept. 25
Hamilton College (outside of Syacuse NY) 8:00 Visiting Artist presentation. Open to public. Free.
Performance with Beth Stephens in Syracuse. Performance for wishyouwerehere.ucsc.edu.
Sept. 28/29
Portland, Maine. Details to be announced.
October 2.
ECSTASY BREATHING AND FUN WITH BREATH AND ENERGY ORGASMS. I'll lead this wonderful 3 hour class. Harvey Milk Institute, San Francisco. 415-552-7200 www.harveymilk.org. 6:30 til 9:30.
October 5 and 6 (Saturday and Sunday)
SLUTS AND GODDESSES with Annie and Jwala. For women and trannies. We will host a playful dress-up event and explore these two special archetypes. Have fun with energy orgasms through Ecstasy Breathing, join in our "Sexcercise Workout" and erotic meditations. We'll tap into our dreams and manifest them through sex magic, "Tarts and Crafts", and more!. $295. Plus $55 for food and materials fees. At Annie and Jwala's house in SF Bay Area. Deposit required. Call Jwala to reserve your place, 415-479-6761.
October 9.
TECHSTASY-- CONSCIOUSNESS + SEX + DRUGS +TECHNOLOGY How do various chemicals and technologies effect our sexuality--biologically, psychologically, and spiritually? Why the big taboos around both sex and mind-altering drugs, and why do people often link them together? Can psychoactive substances teach us about sex, and vice versa? Class with Sprinkle and David Brown -- a socio-biologist and drug expert. Harvey Milk Institute. San Francisco. 415-552-7200 www.harveymilk.org 6:30 til 9:30.
October 16 through 20th.
Oslo, Norway . ANNIE SPRINKLE'S HERSTORY OF PORN. Plus some art gallery events. For information write to wildstar@sensewave.com October 22-27. Bergen. Norway. Art Academy. sven.birkeland@bit-teatergarasjen.no
October 22 through 27
Bergen, Norway.
  • Wednesday 23rd. Academy-day Lecture + individual talks with students (incl. lunch at The Academy)
  • Thursday 24th. Landmark-evening (The Dr. is IN)
  • Friday 24, 25, 26. Performances of ANNIE SPRINKLE'S HERSTORY OF PORN. Info: sven.birkeland@bit-teatergarasjen.no.
November 7, 8, 9,10.
Glasgay Arts Festival, Scotland ANNIE SPRINKLE'S HERSTORY OF PORN. www.glasgay.co.uk
Nov. 10
SUPER SEX TECHNOLOGIES workshop. Glasgay. www.glasgay.co.uk
November 11 through 17
Belgium. ANNIE SPRINKLE'S HERSTORY OF PORN, Kunstencentrum nOna Arts Centre, www.nona.be, dirkverstockt@nona.telenet.be (Herstory of Porn shows Nov. 14, 15, 16, 17.)
Nov. 28
Thanksgiving in LA with family, and a visit with ex-lover Gerard Damiano.
Dec. 1- Dec 7.
San Diego raw foods and wheat grass enemas retreat with friends. Colon cleansing party.
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