annie sprinkle


I have been a sex worker, filmmaker, earned a Ph.D. in human sexuality, done visual art and college lectures. In 2017, I was an official artist in Documenta 14, widely considered the best art exhibit in the world. Currently, I devote myself to environmental art from an ecosexual perspective.

Please think of this archived site as an historical document. So much has changed, for me and in the world! I have not updated this site in a long time, just the calendar on occasion. Please check out my other websites for my work from the past 17 years.

--Annie Sprinkle


The site is now an archive and is no longer being updated. Please go to for updates and information about my current projects, new films and upcoming events (my calendar).

Recent Projects

NEW BOOK   The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm

The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm is a small, illustrated guide to orgasms of all sizes and types, including genital orgasms, energy orgasms, orgasmic states, wavegasms, crygasms, body-part-gasms, breath orgasms, nocturnal orgasms, dry orgasms, wet dreams, nipplegasms... and the ultra-special megagasm. Learn seven keys to attain them all. Plus learn about the history of orgasm research, explore the definitions of orgasm, and much more.

As You Like It Pleasure Shop

FILM   Goodbye Gauley Mountain →

Stephens and Sprinkle, two ecosexuals in love, raise performance art hell in West Virginia to help save the region from mountaintop removal destruction. This film, chronicles their love, activism, and struggle to save their family home, climaxing with their wedding to the Appalachian Mountains.

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